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S-30-010-D Fruit shape kitchen cleaner

Fruit shape kitchen cleaning cloth. Highly water absorbent and rich soapy properties to thoroughly clean your utensils.

S-30-010-D Stainless steel lunch box

Stainless steel lunch boxes. Microwave friendly. Our products are made from material that meets the global food safety standards. It also comes with an airtight cover to keep your food fresh and warm. Comes in different colours.

S-30-012-D Whale shape rice scoop

Whale shape rice scoop. Comes in 3 different colours. Made from non health hazardous grade polyurethane material.

S-30-014-D Cartoon Shape Ice Mould

Now you make make your favourite fruity or flavour ice mould at the convenient of your home. Comes in different colours.

S-30-015-D Watermelon shape cleaning towel

Watermelon shape cleaning tower. Removes stubborn stains fast. Easy wash, rinse and dry.

S-30-016-D Green Scrub Scouring Sponge pads

5 pieces Green Scrub Scouring Sponge pads. Powerful cleaning action to remove stains easily. Size 15cm x 10cm.

S-30-017-D Multi-purpose cap opener

Multi-purpose cap opener. Can use to open different sizes of caps. Convenient and easy to use.

S-30-018-D Gold Nano Toothbrush from Korea

Gold Nano Toothbrush from Korea. Reduces 99% bacteria. Soft bristles suitable for young children and sensitive gum.

S-30-019- Gold colour mesh kitchen scrubber from Korea

Korean Gold colour mesh kitchen scrubber. Removes tough dirt and stains easily.

S-30-020-D Green Scrub Scouring Sponge pads

Green Scrub Scouring Sponge pads. Great for kitchen dish washing. Set of 2 pieces.