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S-35-003-D Portable hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen water generator. Using micro membrane filtration system for optimum hydration. Infuses dissolved hydrogen to help combat harmful free radicals in our body. Benefits includes improve immune system, antioxidants for youthful body, relieve stress and speed up recovery from exercise or minor illnesses. Just drink 2 cups a day for immediate effects. Comes with AC power cord so that you can plug and use conveniently.  Handy for home and office use. Research has shown that by drinking hydrogenated water on regular basis has beneficial properties against many syndromes like Neurological Disorders, Parkinson Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Metabolic Diseases, Diabetic and many more.

S-35-007-D Portable water kettle and warmer

Portable water kettle and warmer. Compact and convenient to bring outdoors or overseas. Water temperature from 20-160 deg C. Can be use in different countries with multiple adaptor and variable voltage 110-220V. Very useful for travelling. Also can be use to boil water for making infant milk. Container can be compress to 11 cm to store into luggage. Capacity to boil up to 0.6 litre of water.

S-35-013-D Standing fan with remote control

Standing fan with remote control. Extra wide 5 blade design offer optimum fanning.  3 speed to adjust cooling effects.

S-35-016-D Induction cooker and hard boil egg maker

Induction cooker and hard boil egg maker. You can now doing simple cooking with this versatile cooker. Suitable to make simple dishes at convenience of your home or even work place.

S-35-017-D Yogurt maker 1.5L

Simple to use Yogurt maker. You can now make yogurt at the convenience of your home. You can either use the 6 x 100ml cups or 1.5L container to create your own home made yogurt.

S-35-018-D Multi purpose handheld induction cooker and warmer

Multi purpose handheld cooker and warmer. Variable temperature control. You can now cook and warm your food with this versatile cooker. You can also use to keep warm infant food and milk.

S-35-019-D Digital induction cooker and glass vessel

Digital induction cooker and warmer. Come with a 1.8L heat resistant glass vessel with lid. Suitable to cook soup, health tonics, hot desserts and also instant noodles.